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ecological and cultural aspects

The thought to a horse production for slaughtering in large yardstick appears to our culture strange, however, it may be quite meaningful under the conditions of some countries. Thereby the ecological and economic circumstances as well as the cultural background are quite different. Various forms of use are to be found for example in the following countries:

crowded horses in Mongolia
  • Mongolia and Central Asia

  • Argentinia, Brasil, Mexico and Canada

  • Iceland

  • France, Belgium and Italy

  • Swizerland symbol for german language

The direct horsebreeding for meat production in most cases belongs to the geographical and climatic conditions of the relevant regions:
These conditions apply to certain regions of the earth in almost extreme way. Above at all here are worth mentioning the steppe areas in Central Asia as well as in North and South America. In particular in some areas of Central Asia in the course of history thereby a culture developed, in wich the horse formed the whole basis of livestock breeding. In some cases, horses supplied all the life necessities for the humens in such areas.

In America the natural conditions are usually used only in order to produce large quantities of horse meat for export purposes. Importing countries are primarily France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

On Iceland prevail such extreme climatic conditions, that cattle breeding in the free is often not possible. Therefore, even since much generations ago the very constitution-hard and climatic optimally adapted ponys were used for meat production. Today horse meat is very popular in Iceland and beyond the national consumption this country exports horse meat to France and Belgium.

Independent of any climatic conditions in some countries the consumption of horse meat is high enought, so that an direct breeding of horses for slaughter is economically meaningful. This is the case, for example, in France, Belgium, Italy and Japan. In this countries particularily drafthorse breedings, which may rapidly feeded to an heavy weight, are used for meat production. While this former working animals have already lost their usage in agriculture, the production of slaughterbound horses gives an considerable aid in the preserving of this heavy and beautyful breeds.

Feeded drafthorses may gain an living weight up to 1000 kg and beyond. Therefore this breeds belong to the most heavy domestic meat suppliers of the world.

Some horse breeds, which are used for meat production, are mentioned in the link list.

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