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Inside the internet you will find many interesting and valuable informations. In the following list we have arranged some links regarding horsemeat and related topics we have found. Therefore you will see, that we are not the only one, who deales with this topic but also the economical and cultural value of this kind of meat in foreign countries. We are going to expand this list step by step and are always greatful for further proposals.

For better orientation we have tried to set up several minor topics.

Enjoy surfing!


drafthorses for meat production symbol for french language

This link lead you to the society of comtois breeders (drafthorses) in France. It agrees to the usage of drafthorse related breedings for meat production.


INDAL symbol for italian language

The italian plant slaughters and processes horses in large amounts. Their internet pages are showing the accomodation of slaughterbound horses alongside with animal protection.

Lorenzo Carminati symbol for italian language

horsemeat cuts symbol for italian language

The first link leads to the homepage of the italian horse butchery Lorenzo Carminati. It shows along with many informations an very detailed graphical representation of horsemeat cuts (italian cutting). Because navigation inside italian language may be a bit difficult, the second link leads directly up to there.

Sibilia symbol for english languagesymbol for italian language

The homepage of this italian importing, slaughtering and processing company publishes some valuable information about the characteristics and quality features of horsemeat. Furthermore the site tells something about the history and business relations of the company.


Viande Richelieu INC. symbol for link into another site

The canadian slaughtering plant has been experiences in threatment of horsemeat for many decades of years. The site gives many interesting information, so about the categorization of slaughterbound horses but also to the quality features of their meat.


Sogim symbol for link into another site

There is a tale reporting the winter slaughter of animals, called Sogim. On this occation every year in Kazakhstan horses were slaughtered in large amounts.


Equinox symbol for french language

This importing and processing company shows what a large amont of different products may be produced on the basis of horsemeat. There are vacuum packed meat, tinned foods, instand meals but also smoked horsemeat.


exotic dishes symbol for german language

This site decribes some for our culture rather unusual kinds of meat. Along with kangaroo, buffalo and ostrich there are also informations about horse.

Horse breeds used for meat production:

Some horse breeds are particularly involved in meat production. The following list is not complete. There are only breeds mentioned, for which some hints to their usage for meat production are found in the internet or in printed media. The printed origins are remarked with an [n] sign and may be consulted using the reference of sources.

Ardenner symbol for german language France, living weight 800...1000 kg

Boulonnais symbol for german language France, living weight 700...900 kg, [3]

Bretone symbol for german language France, living weight 750...950 kg, [2]

Percheron symbol for german language France, living weight average 900 kg, [1]

Baradigiano symbol for german language Italy, living weight 450...550 kg

Italian drafthorse symbol for german language Italy, living weight 600...700 kg, [6], [9]

Haflinger symbol for german language Italy, living weight average 450 kg, [5]

Noriker symbol for german language Alps region, living weight 600...700 kg, [4]

Icelandpony symbol for german language Iceland, living weight 320...380 kg, [7], [10]

Jacutic horse symbol for german language North russian and jacutic regions, living weight up to 450 kg, [8], [11]

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