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In all european countries people divides into such, who eat horse meat and such, who do not so. The reasons are not completely investigated and go back far into history.

Often humans reject horse meat because they have a particulary tight linkage to horses. Horses are work comrades, play companions of the children and friends in spare time. To come in touch with them may become an fascinating experience. So naturally the question remains, wether it is cultureful to kill such a nature and taking its meat for food.

The opinions concerning this will probably always go apart, but I think that it is already worth itself to think about this problem. Therefore I would like to attach some short thoughts to this internet site:

In this manner our internet site should introduce an interesting product and also invite you to think a little bit deeper about its production. Any kind of information, opinions and advises are always welcome. I would be pleased about your mail or your participation on our visitors book.

Jan Schwanke

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